Being Peace

In this wonderful world of form, we have choices every day. Would that we all choose to BE PEACE! Learning ways of moving in the world that serve all life can help us to keep the center of peace, as a flame in our hearts. The Pure Joy System using the violet light as well as understanding the Cosmic Clock are tools that can be used individually or as a group while “Sightseeing with Spiritual Intention.”

40-Day Pilgrimage Preparation. The next 40 days may be preparation for a Touch the Earth Tour. This could be the Lenten season prior to the Passion Week Pilgrimage to Pray Peace or the Advent season in the weeks before a Magical, Mystical Medieval Christmas Market Tour. You may choose to use these impulses as a companion on your own spiritual journey. The impulses I used to develop the readings are three. The first comes from the acrostic poems I have written since a teenager. The second, follows the cosmic astrology described as the Cosmic Clock. This is one of the spiritual tools or practices that is explained in first days of the sight-seeing experiences with Touch the Earth Tours. (Seminars are also offered on this topic. For upcoming dates see ). The last impulse I used is an esoteric understanding of the “Way of the Cross” which, in Christian tradition, depicts fifteen places or experiences of Jesus, from the trial with Pilot until the resurrection. My hope is that these daily readings will help focus your spiritual intention for whatever journey you are on or preparing for. Blessings and Happy Trails! 

Mystical Order of the Divine Presence

No matter what faith, creed or religion, those who seek to understand the nature and reality of relationship with/experience of God, can benefit from the basic values prescribed by sages, philosophers, wise men and women and the mystics of all ages.
Many look to Jesus as the way-shower, others follow the Eight-fold Path of Buddha or the Law of Moses. In the West some have pursued the calling of St. Francis or honor the Virgin Mother; in the East they hail Maitreya, Krishna, Kwan Yin and Confucius. These and countless others have demonstrated the universal Truths behind the dogma of world religions, leaving behind a record of exemplary lives. Having attained union with God, as immortal beings, they are called Ascended Masters.
Divine messengers, teachers and angels acknowledged (no personality glorified at the human level) this activity seeks only to honor communion and community as “Coming-into-Unity” in Peace and Love for one another and all creation. Local and international interfaith gatherings are held for rituals, prayers and celebrations to encourage enlighten and nurture one another on the Sacred Path of Life.

Rubber Meets the Road Ministries

Compassion, Cooperation, Community
These three ideals drive the activities of this ministry. Compassion for all life, as demonstrated in many religions and philosophies. Cooperation, working together to heal ourselves and our planet. Community, as in “coming into unity”, represents the wholeness and oneness many seek to experience.

Healed Humanity, Healed Earth

The opportunity to travel and heal yourself and history at the same time, is what Touch the Earth Tours offers. The Pure Joy System and the Cosmic Clock are two tools we use to transform ourselves and our world.